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Frank Miller's The Spirit....

Atrocious. I am seriously, getting physically sick to my stomach every time a new pic or trailer is released for this movie. Apparently, Frank Miller's ego knows no bounds. I mean, seriously, if you've read one Spirit comic in your life, you have to be looking at this and saying "This doesn't feel right".

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Seriously, do these posters scream Will Eisner's The Spirit to anyone? I mean, I've read online some of the defenses for this, a random issue here, the Pre-War Spirit comics, even invoking the name of Ebony White to defend this atrocity to Eisner's vision. But come on, lets be honest, this is not the Spirit as we know and love. Want to look at a proper portrayal of The Spirit? Read Darwyn Cooke's 12 issue run on The Spirit, available at your local comic book store. Cooke got it. His comic was fun, quirky, but it also had a pretty dark edge to it. A proper balance of the lightheartedness of the character and the noir-esque appeal of the 40's and 50's.

I don't know what Frank Miller is doing, but this is not The Spirit and look forward to it bombing at the box office. Not even Samuel L. Jackson will save this movie, as he is not The Octopus. For someone who claims to be have been a good friend and respect Will Eisner, he sure is doing a shitty job respecting his creations.
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